Be a Hero!

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My dear friend, author Eva Pohler’s sister was burgled last night. These jerks stole EVERYTHING from her and her two daughters. My indie-Visible team put together a t-shirt design and started a campaign to raise money to help this single mom rebuild her life. The shirt is ten tons of awesome, designed by Victoria Faye. Why don’t you be a … Read More

Quickbane is Going On Tour!

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Quickbane Tour Banner

Virtual Tour, anyway! I’m finally getting around to sharing this book outside my circle of peeps, with the help of the sassy and sweet gals at Girls Heart Book Tours. Why don’t you stop by and say hello to all of the kind and wonderful bloggers who are hosting this tour, and guess what, you can win some awesome stuff while … Read More

Why Robin Williams Was Not Acting Selfishly.

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The following rant is from a comment I posted on Mark Morford’s Facebook page, below this article he posted about Robin Williams’ death. I love Mark Morford, he writes brilliantly thought-provoking missives on all manner of modern-day disasters. This article was no different, but it left me feeling like maybe he doesn’t get it. He tries to get it, but he doesn’t … Read More

“If You Are in Pain, Please Seek Help.” Well meaning – but ineffective – advice for people suffering from depression. Here’s why. (RIP Robin Williams.)

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The heavens are greeting Robin Williams with a hearty nanu nanu while we dry our confused tears and cope with the saddest Goodbye. I woke up heavy-hearted today, perhaps because some part of my soul, the part that connects me with every other human afflicted with Depression, felt the cosmic ripple before it ever reached my ears. When my 19 … Read More

My UtopYA 2014 Unofficial Blog Hop and Giveaway

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I’m so excited to be participating in the #UtopYA2014 Experience Hop & (Gigantic) Giveaway hosted by the lovely and so darling South African beauty,  Carlyle Labuschagne! You can also check out the event during its progress at the Facebook Event. Participants have been asked to post about our experience at the event and give newbies some helpful insight. So who should attend UtopYA Con? ANYONE … Read More